Bugbug Beach Resort organises walks that depart from the resort and explore the surroundings. During the 3-hour ‘Kampoeng’ walk, you can discover rural village life in Bugbug. Discover authentic Balinese life with a tour guide. You can combine the walk with a longer trek through the natural beauty of Bali.

Boat trip with a local fisherman

You can go on a boat trip to some of Bali’s beautiful hideaways with a local fisherman. He is a native Balinese who speaks good English and can tell you a great deal about Balinese life and the area. You can also snorkel during the trip.

Gili Islands and Lombok

Three small islands of paradise, close to the Lombok coast, together form the Gili Islands. Enjoy stunning white beaches, the relaxed atmosphere and calm; there is no traffic on the islands. You can explore the islands by bicycle, or horse and cart. The Gili Islands and Lombok are about an hour by boat from Bugbug. In terms of size, Lombok is comparable to Bali, however there are clear differences in respect of culture and nature.

What else?

There are a number of other options, which we have listed for you:

  • Butterfly garden
  • Reptile Park
  • Bird Park
  • Zoo
  • Elephant ride

Do you have any queries, or would you like to book an activity? We would be delighted to be of assistance.