Sunday school

Sunday school is a social project for children from Bug Bug village, focusing on education, culture and welfare. Every Sunday, the children meet at the little school to attend lessons such as English and Balinese dancing. As a guest at our resort, you can support the project by donating money, clothing or other items. You can also give English lessons, for example.

Cookery classes

You can cook authentic Balinese and Indonesian dishes in our ‘Cookery classes’. You choose which dishes to prepare. Our cooks will teach you how to prepare them in our restaurant. This experience brings you even closer to traditional Balinese life. Please note: you need to book 3 days in advance.

Chocolaterie and soap factory

Close to the resort there is a chocolaterie and soap factory where various kinds of chocolate and soaps are made the artisan way. Naturally, you can also taste the chocolates. You can purchase chocolate and soap as a souvenir or a treat for yourself.  There are two swings close by, referred to by tourists as ‘big swings’.